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Miss me?

Okay, so it's been YEARS since I posted here...I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still making icons. Right now they can be found over at iconsfromhome! Join up! Main fandoms right now are Lost, Lord of the Rings, & Heroes! ♥

Did you miss me? :-*

I downloaded a copy of Photoshop CS because my Dad doesn't seem to know where he put the regular photoshop disk (I nuked my hard drive about a week ago)...and I was starting to have Photoshop withdrawls. This is what I came up for for today...

+ American Idol Headers + 1 Friend's Only Banner
+ Lost Wallpapers
+ American Idol Icons
+ Lyric Headers

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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack! :) Didja miss me :-* Anyways...I know I said I was closing down this community, but I lied. I can't stay away dagnabit! :-D

+ 10 Lost "Homecoming" Icons
+ 17 Lost "Outlaws" Icons
+ 6 American Dad Icons
+ 3 Song Lyric Icons
+ 7 Trippy Icons

21 38 41

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phantom colorbars

Here are the don't have to upload them to your own server, I have one of those unlimited Photobucket accounts, so just go to the website to get the codes...


Prima Donna is Love

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To get the codes for the Color Bars, visit and click down at the bottom where it says Phantom Icons. They're listed under Other Graphics. Also, if you'd like to submit your own icons/graphics to the site, feel free! We're always looking for new graphics! :)
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Whee! I'm writing another tutorial! This was requested by one of the awesome people that is a member over at kryssibug_icons :) I should really start keeping the PSD formats of the icons I make, ah well! I love making icons, so whatever :-D

So let's use Photoshop 7 to make this icon:

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phantom icons

+ 10 phantom of the opera icons

i just saw this movie last night, and i fell in love. i made some icons. i'll be away for the next week with no access to internet, so these are a parting gift :) i'll start iconing again when i get home, as everything will have finally settled down. ji also put up a new phantom layout at my personal journal. kryssibug check it out and lemme know what you think!


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Okay guys. So I've decided that I'm not gonna post little posts with a few icons anymore...Here's what I'll do now...Make LOTS of Icons...and wait until I reach 100 Icons, then post :-D Much like now.

Not bad...100+ Icons in 3 days ;-)

+ 8 Boybands
+ 18 CSI
+ 24 Lord of the Rings
+ 8 Dominic Monaghan
+ 37 The Simpsons
+ 3 Blue Collar Comedy Tour Comedians

PLEASE NOTE: Textless Icons ARE NOT bases. DO NOT customize them otherwise I will rip your spleen out through your left nostril!

18 3 11 4

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+ 5 CSI: Crime Scene Investigations Icons
+ 1 CSI: Miami Icon
+ 7 Lord of the Rings Actor Icons
+ 6 Harry Potter Actor Icons
+ 6 Lost Actor Icons
+ 12 Dominic Monaghan Icons
+ 8 Emilie De Ravin Icons
+ 10 Christmas Icons
+ 11 All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues Icons

11 3 10 1

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