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kryssibug_icons is the icon/graphic journal for kryssibug.
please follow all rules, and don't hotlink. i'll start changing my links just to make sure.

her lj name is kryssibug...but you can call her: kryssi or krys
she lives with mommy and daddy in: orange park, florida
can't believe she's already: 19
makin' the benjamins working at: citibank
pimpin' around the town in her:: 2004 yellow dodge neon sxt
completely in love with: scott absolutely no one.
her fandoms include, but aren't limited to: lord of the rings, pirates of the caribbean, michael phelps, ian thorpe, orlando bloom, and dominic monaghan.
her obsession is: making icons
if you ever want to find her o0brokenpieces0o on aim
or: kryssibug [at] comcast [dot] net
when not making icons she's updating: http://www.onejadedpunk.net
when she's alone she jams to: never heard of it, nsync, up syndrome, new found glory, good charlotte, outkast, ashlee simpson, and rascal flatts
in the end she's: the coolest person you'll ever meet
this community is: friend's only
which means: you need to join the community to see my icons.

resources can be found at: http://www.onejadedpunk.net

awards she's won: